Antoine Cloëtta (1902 – 1978)

The founder of the Professor Dr Max Cloëtta Foundation, Dr Antoine Cloëtta, the son of Professor Dr Max Cloëtta and of Lucy Cloëtta-Spoendlin, was born in Zurich on September 10, 1902.

The activities of his forefathers had a certain influence on his life, inasmuch as medicine also became his main preoccupation. Following primary and secondary education up to and including matriculation in Zurich, he studied medicine and economics at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, and graduated from Geneva University with a Dr ès sciences économiques in 1928.

He then started to work at Hoffmann-La Roche. He remained in the employment of this company for nearly three decades, in Switzerland as well as in many other countries within and outside Europe. He held the post of managing director in the parent company and in several foreign subsidiaries. During the tumultuous times before, during and after the Second World War, he played an essential role in establishing a world-wide organization. In addition to his professional activities, which became more and more focused on organization and marketing, he never neglected his interest in pharmaceutical and medical research, and it is to this field that he devoted all his efforts and studies after he retired.

He died on August 14, 1978, having lived a full and enriched life. He was a man of great kindness, generosity, multifarious interests and vast knowledge.