Die Stiftung Prof. Dr. Max Cloëtta wurde am 27. September 1973 in Zürich von Dr. Antoine Cloëtta zu Ehren seines Vaters Prof. Dr. Max Cloëtta errichtet. Das Kapital der Stiftung betrug im Zeitpunkt der Gründung 500’000 Franken. Noch zu Lebzeiten und vor allem auf seinen Tod hin hat der Stifter der Stiftung beträchtliche Mittel zusätzlich zugewandt. Sie liegen zur Zeit in der Grössenordnung von 40 Millionen Franken. Auch Zuwendungen von Dritten sind jederzeit möglich und willkommen. Das Stiftungskapital darf nicht verringert und soll mittelfristig auch entsprechend der Teuerung geäufnet werden.

Credit Management Ismael D. Tabije Credit Management belongs to the broad subject of Accountancy which deals with inspection and administration of the credit records and payments of the customers, clients. Credit Management answers the clients TM questions regarding their credit and payment history and credit and payment processes. The management organizes the internal movements of the flow of credits and payments as well as reconciliations rodney mcleod elite jersey regarding conflicting schedules, conflicting payments, and promissory notes while at the same time maintaining the good relationship with good clients. On the other hand, bad debtors are handled with due process. Legal actions are filed against them should they fail to comply with the payments or should they refuse to pay their debts. On the part of the debtors, they should be well aware of the schedule of payments so as not to be subjected to legal matters. Most credits, before being granted, need to leave a guarantee that they can be paid. Thus, collaterals come into picture. Credit Management, from a debtor TMs point of view, is managing finances especially debts so as not to have a tail of creditors lurking behind your back. Credit management is a responsibility that both the debtor and the creditor should seriously take.
Lab for Cardiovascular Science by Dr. ZC Jing (decked in Queen’s colours in the photo below). Dr Jing is also Vice President of Dept of Internal Medicine at Fu Wai hospital (where they perform 10,000 angioplasties and 10,000 open heart operations per year). In addition to his brand new, state of the art research centre, he has a building devoted to biobanking which currently contains 3 million patient samples and will ultimately hold 30 million samplesmost impressive. One is impressed by the size and scope of practice in Chinese laboratories and hospitals. They have the centralized planned distribution of resources that Canada has but, with a billion inhabitants, the scale of the scientific enterprise is impressive. Dr. Jing and I hope to collaborate on understanding mitochondrial metabolic problems in pulmonary hypertension and this exchange, as so many do, began with a simple visit. As a result of the visit a postdoctoral trainee from his group comes to Queen’s University a human bridge